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All Discovery families: 2023-24 information here

Discovery's spirit wear design for 2023-24

Calling all creative members: We want your help in designing our Discovery spirit wear for next year!

Guidelines from our local Issaquah printing company:

  • We can accept things with a lot of detail, however keep in mind that small details (less than 1 cm) can start to get lost when printing
  • Design as large as you like, as we can always re-scale
  • Keep in mind that Youth Hoodies have less printable space on the front than Tees, or even Adult Hoodies.
    • I think last year we went with a design that’s was intentionally, more horizontal, so it fit easily on all garments.
  • We work in Vector Format, however if you have someone hand-drawing something, just take a high-resolution photo with a phone and send that! I’ll let you know if we need anything else.
    • If you are having a hand drawing submitted, the thicker and more saturated the lines, the better (think marker or sharpie).

Additional guidelines from our Discovery PTSA:

  • Anyone can submit a design - parents, students, family members and friends of Discovery. You may submit as many designs as you want. 
  • Make sure designs are bold and with contrast. 
  • No payment will be given for contributing to the spirit wear design. No copyright images may be used. Our designs usually say Discovery or Discovery Elementary or Discovery Eagles, but does not list the city or state. An image of the eagle mascot is not required. 
  • To keep costs reasonable, we choose one color printing - blue, grey, white, or black that will be printed on blue and grey sweatshirts and t-shirts.
  • Designs chosen will fit within district requirements and will be approved and chosen in collaboration by our Discovery PTSA spirit wear team and Discovery admin staff.
  • Due date is the last day of school: Tuesday, 6/20/23.

Submit your design here!


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